Honey i’m homeeeeeee

After several weeks of no laptops i am eventually back with lots of new things to share with you all 😉 Stay tuned it’s going to me a busy few days xxx


Stop the world……………

Well i really do not know where the past few days have gone! This week has flown by again and i feel like i am no further forward with anything! Until today that is, i have got loads achieved adding new goodies to my stores and paperwork and appointments caught up which means i may eventually get into the studio and get creative. I shall be here with updates of my new crafted goodies tomorrow, for now it’s short and sweet but ill be back xxx



Good Morning xx

Well i cannot believe i am up at this time but i am! Had a horrid day yesterday with a nasty migraine for most of it so that kinda stopped play for me and put an end to all the creative ideas i had wanted to get started on. But alas i am up and at um bright and early to start on my glass and tin themed week of tutorials and fun goodies. I also have an amazing idea for a mobile that i started in Sunday as wall art, the end result is going to be gorgeous now i know what to do with it! Piccies all to follow at some point today 😉 Have a fab day everyone Tori xxx

Sticks and Stones

I had a fab crafting day yesterday making things out of sticks and stones found around and about outside, it’s amazing what you can use that nature provides. 

This week i am going to have a tin and glass theme for creating some fab garden, home and gift ideas. I will be putting together a few tutorials of my creative process.

Have a fab Sunday everyone xxx  


Busy busy

Well today i have created some amazing goodies i am in love with 😉 some wall art some practical thingies and some cards 😉 All in all a very good day so creative wise. Piccies will follow very soon after a long soak and some food xxx

Curly wurly paper craft

I have embarked on a project that is going to take a few weeks to complete but once it is done it will look stunning i hope. I will be photographing it in stages and bringing you a step by step guide and eventually a tutorial.

Here is step 1 getting started

You will need 

A craft Knife

Old Magazines

Craft glue

Chop stick

Cutting bored 


Patience and time


If you go down to the woods today……..

Today i am off for a mini adventure in the woods at the end of my road as i need some natural materials to complete some amazing ideas i have floating round my head i am dying to get stuck into. Lots of new goodies and tutorials to come over the next few days.

Below is the result of my last adventure to the woods simple but pretty.


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